Business Escrows
Our company has been a leader in the field of business escrows (bulk sale escrows) since 1974. These transactions are unique and demand years of experience by the escrow officer. It is very important that you choose an escrow company with officers that understand the nature of the business being sold and are familiar with the forms, A.B.C. documents and requirements which are essential to a smooth and timely closing.

Throughout our entire history, we have enjoyed a highly respected reputation for being true experts in and around the Long Beach area. You can be assured we will provide the quality service, time and dedication needed to complete the successful sale of your business.

When shopping for an escrow company, ask yourself three questions:

  • Were you able to speak to a qualified escrow officer immediately?
  • Did they answer your questions confidently and to your satisfaction?
  • Did they offer any assistance or guidance to you prior to opening an escrow?

If they fail in any of these areas, how will you work with them over the next thirty to sixty days it will take to go through the escrow process?

Over the past 34 years in business, we have handled escrows for many different types of businesses including the following:

  • history Restaurants and Bars
  • Liquor Stores and Food Marts
  • Retail and Service Businesses
  • Pharmacies
  • Gas Stations
  • Franchises